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The Division 2 - Title Update 10 - Patch Notes

Title Update 10 - Patch Notes

*These are preliminary Patch Notes and changes may still happen until the launch of Title Update 10.

New Season – Keener’s Legacy

A new season is almost upon us! Starting on June 23rd, Keener’s Legacy offers 12 weeks of in-game activities and unique rewards. Season 2 brings a new Seasonal Manhunt, new Leagues, a new Global event and new unique rewards, as well as an Apparel Event.

New Raid - Operation Iron Horse

The True Sons have taken over a Foundry to develop new weapons and threaten to destroy everything the Division has worked for.
  • New bosses, puzzles and rewards!
  • Level 40 version available on June 30th, followed the next week by the level 30 version.
  • Discovery mode will become available at a later date.
  • Unique Rewards
    • 2 new Exotics
    • 2 new Gear Sets
    • New cosmetic rewards
  • Further details will become available closer to the raid’s release in late June.

Balance and Bug Fixes

Title Update 10 is bringing our first large balance pass following the release of Warlords of New York. Beyond the addition of new content, the update focuses on three main aspects mainly game health through bug fixes and balancing, generosity by increasing your chances to receive a high-quality item as loot and increasing overall player power. Scroll down for a full list of bug fixes, balancing changes and gameplay tweaks.

Missing Localized Audio

We wanted to inform you about an issue with localized audio that will be present when we launch Title Update 10 and Season 2. While the team was able to work from home to get this update ready, with your help testing the content on the PTS, we unfortunately were not able to record all localized audio content for TU10. With everything going on in the world, our top priority is the well-being of our teams, including our voice actors. Of course, we will start working on recording the missing audio with our partners when it is safe to do so and, in some cases, we were able to get things started already. Adding the localized files to the game as soon as we can in one of our next updates is an absolute priority for the team. This only affects Seasonal content. Operation Iron Horse audio is fully localized.
If you are currently playing with a non-English client, you don’t have to change anything going into Title Update 10. When localized audio is missing you will just hear the English audio instead. Subtitles have been localized and can be activated in the ingame options.
As work continues, we will update you on the progress of the integration here on the forums and on State of the Game.
Thank you and stay safe!

New Exotics

SRS Sniper Rifle: Mantis

  • Your scoped view displays additional information about enemies not targeting you
  • Your scoped view highlights enemy weakpoints
  • Headshot and weak point damage against enemies not targeting you amplified by 50%
  • Headshot kills reset the cooldown of the Decoy skill. This bonus will wait until the Decoy goes on cooldown if currently active

Mask: Vile

  • Status effects also apply a damage over time debuff for 10s
  • Total damage dealt is equal to 50% of your concussion grenade damage and increased by your status effect attributes

Double Barrel Rifle: The Ravenous (Operation Iron Horse)

  • On trigger-pull, fire both barrels at once
  • When fired from the right shoulder, hits add offensive primers, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder
  • Hits from one shoulder will detonate all of the opposite shoulder's primers when present
  • When detonated or affected enemy is killed, each offensive primer deals 100% weapon damage, while each defensive primer grants +4% bonus armor and +10% amplified damage to armor plates for 5s
  • Primer effectiveness is doubled at 10 stacks

Magnum Pistol: Regulus (Operation Iron Horse)

  • Headshot kills create a 5m explosion, dealing 400% weapon damage and applying bleed to all enemies hit.
  • High accuracy and base damage

New Gear Sets

Eclipse Protocol (Season 2)

  • Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
  • 2: +15% Status Effects
  • 3: +15% Skill Haste and +30% Hazard Protection
  • 4: "Indirect Transmission" Your status effects now spread on kill to all enemies within 15m and refresh 50% of the duration.
  • Chest talent: "Proliferation" Increases Indirect Transmission range from 15m to 20m and refresh percentage from 50% to 75%
  • Backpack talent: "Symptom Aggravator" Amplifies all damage you deal to status affected targets by 15%

Foundry Bulwark (Operation Iron Horse)

  • Core: Armor (Blue)
  • 2: +10% Armor
  • 3: +3% Armor Regeneration
  • 4: "Makeshift Repairs" Whenever you or your shield take damage, 20% of that amount is repaired to both over 15s
  • Chest talent: "Process Refinery" Increases Makeshift Repairs from 20% to 30% over 15s
  • Backpack talent: "Improved Materials" Increases Makeshift Repairs speed from 15s to 10s

Future Initiative (Operation Iron Horse)

  • Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
  • 2: +30% Repair Skills
  • 3: +30% Skill Duration and +15% Skill Haste
  • 4: "Ground Control" Increases you and your allies' total weapon and skill damage by 15% when at full armor
  • When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5m of you are also repaired for 60% of that amount
  • Chest talent: "Tactical Superiority" Increases Ground Control damage bonus from +15% to +25%
  • Backpack talent: "Advanced Combat Tactics" Increases Ground Control proximity repair from 60% to 120%

New Gear Brand

Walker, Harris & Co.

  • Core: Weapon Damage (Red)
  • 1: +5.0% Weapon Damage
  • 2: +5.0% Damage to Armor
  • 3: +5.0% Damage to Health

New Named Weapons

  • Mechanical Animal (SIG 556) with Future Perfection
    • Weapon kills grant +1 skill tier for 19s. Stacks up to 3 times.
    • Weapon kills at skill tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
    • Overcharge Cooldown: 90s
  • Harmony (Resolute MK47) with Perfectly In Sync
    • Hitting an enemy grants +20% skill damage for 5s.
    • Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill grants +20% weapon damage for 5s.
    • Damage increases are doubled while both buffs are active at the same time.

New Named Gear

  • Matador (Walker, Harris & Co. backpack) with Perfect Adrenaline Rush
    • When you are within 10m of an enemy, gain 23% bonus armor for 5s. Stacks up to 3 times.
    • Cooldown: 5s
    • Chainkiller (Walker, Harris & Co. chest) with Perfect Headhunter. After killing an enemy with a headshot, your next weapon hit within 30s deals 150% of that killing blow’s damage in addition to it.
    • Damage is capped to 800% of your weapon damage. This is raised to 1250% if your headshot damage is greater than 150%.

New Skill Variant

  • Repair Trap
    • The Repair Trap deploys a line of small devices capable of repairing friendlies in their proximity.
    • Note: The Repair Trap will not be available in-game until the Seasonal prime target unlocks in August.

New Talents

Weapon Talent: Future Perfect
  • Weapon kills grant +1 skill tier for 15s. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Weapon kills at skill tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
  • Overcharge Cooldown: 90s
Weapon Talent: In Sync
  • Hitting an enemy grants +15% skill damage for 5s.
  • Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill grants +15% weapon damage for 5s.
  • Damage increases are doubled while both buffs are active at the same time.
Backpack Talent: Adrenaline Rush
  • When you are within 10m of an enemy, gain 20% bonus armor for 5s. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Cooldown: 5s
Chest Talent: Headhunter
  • After killing an enemy with a headshot, your next weapon hit within 30s deals 125% of that killing blow’s damage in addition to it.
  • Damage is capped to 800% of your weapon damage. This is raised to 1250% if your headshot damage is greater than 150%.

Gameplay Changes


  • Reduced how many elites will spawn in the following mission:
    • Manning National Zoo
    • Coney Island Ballpark
    • Coney Island Amusement Park
    • Camp White Oak
    • Space Administration HQ
    • Federal Emergency Bunker
    • Wall Street
    • Liberty Island
    • Pathway Park
    • Stranded Tanker
    • The Tombs


  • General
    • Added all new season 2 weapons/gear to general loot pools
  • Item Power
    • Updated item power distribution to have a better spread between minimum and maximum for all difficulties
    • Increased minimum rolled item power for Field Proficiency/DZ caches, Clan caches and Season caches.
  • Difficulty Scaling
    • Regular loot from loot containers in Missions now scale with mission difficulty
    • Targeted loot from loot containers in Missions now scales with mission difficulty
    • Loot containers part of living world activities now scale with global difficulty
  • Targeted loot
    • Increased targeted loot drop chances for all mission and Control Point difficulties
    • Added new season 2 brand to targeted loot rotation
    • Warlords of New York brands can now also show up as targeted loot in DC, including Dark Zones
  • Named Items
    • Increased named item drop chance in regular Dark Zone loot
    • Increased named item drop chance in targeted loot everywhere
  • Exotics
    • Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to targeted loot
    • Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to general Exotic loot pools (Heroic/Legendary/Raid/Exotic Cache)
    • Coyote's Mask drop from Coyote no longer has a minimum season level requirement
  • Control Points
    • Removed regular weapon/gear loot containers not scaling with difficulty from Control Points
    • Increased the amount of scaling loot from the big Control Point reward container
  • Legendary
    • Increased NPC loot drop chance for Veterans and Elites on Legendary difficulty


  • Crafting will now guarantee a higher minimum item power, resulting in higher overall stat rolls. An increased maximum item power also allows for better crafted items than before. The added weighting between the minimum and maximum power results in a more balanced average outcome for crafted and reconfigured items
  • Removed final World Tier 5 crafting bench upgrade, as its power increase is now redundant


  • Added Named Items to both Open World and Dark Zone vendors
  • Increased prices for Named Items
  • Increased item power for all vendors
  • Vendors no longer sell Superior quality items at maximum level

SHD Levels

  • Added Field Proficiency cache to SHD level-up after reaching the maximum season level
  • Increased crafting material rewards for spending SHD level points in the Scavenging category


  • Added Season/SHD experience gain on Conflict level-up

Rogue Agent Encounters

  • Every Rogue Agent killed will now drop loot
  • Rogue Agent encounters no longer occur during time trials

Control Point Officers

  • Players revived by a Control Point Officer will now have 80% of their armor restored (Previously 0%)
  • Reduced the likelihood of Control Point Officers being downed in combat


  • Bounties acquired by speaking to characters in the open world will always be set to the difficulty at time of acquisition or higher.
  • This affects the Snitch and civilians rescued during the Public Execution or Rescue Living World Activities.
  • Scheduled bounties, such as daily and clan bounties, are unaffected.
Developer comment: Bounties acquired in the open world should always provide challenge and loot appropriate to the world they were acquired in. Upping your global difficulty now has the added benefit of improving all bounties you acquire within it.


  • New Season Pass Holder Project Slot.
    • Season Pass holders now have access to an exclusive daily mission which provides a large bonus to XP.
  • Weekly SHD Requisition Project Slot
    • Endgame players at World Tier 5 and Level 40 now have a weekly supplies donation project which rewards them with an exotic cache. (For World Tier 5 players, this replaces the previous daily SHD Requisition project.)
  • Legendary Mission Project
    • After TU10, completing any legendary mission will grant you the Weekly Legendary Mission project slot.
    • Completing the designated legendary mission will reward you with an exotic cache.
Developer comment: With the addition of "re-rolls" to exotics available through crafting, we created the new Weekly projects to provide a reliable supply of exotic components or exotic items.

RPG Balance


Incoming Repairs

  • Incoming Repairs no longer increases the amount of armor repaired by armor kits, talents or gear set effects.
Developer comment: Incoming Repairs was always meant to be the defensive attribute equivalent to Repair Skills, so that players could further enhance the amount of healing they receive from their skills, or the group's healer. Unfortunately, the underlying code prevented us from differentiating between alternate sources of armor repair, such as those from talents and gear sets like Foundry Bulwark, or Firewall's unique armor kit effect. We wanted to address this during the development of Warlords of New York, but chose to post-pone the fix in order to deal with higher priority issues at the time. We underestimated the extent to which this attribute would affect the new Warlords meta, and failed to predict the severity of degenerate gameplay it would cause when combined with certain talents or gear sets. It's important to stress that this is not a PvP-only issue, or an instance of the PvP environment affecting PvE balance. Incoming Repairs was compromising both aspects of the game, and needed to be addressed, especially considering this update coincides with the release of a new raid. Not addressing the issue would mean forcing ourselves to balance all existing and future gear and talents around the knowledge that players could potentially (read: very likely) double the amount of repairs they receive, which stifles creativity and effectively limits player choice.

Weapon Handling

  • 1% Weapon Handling now gives 1% Weapon Accuracy, Stability, Reload Speed, and Swap Speed, up from 0.25%.
  • Reduced the maximum amount of Weapon Handling rolled on gear by 6%, to a maximum of 8% at level 40.
Developer comment: In the current meta, Weapon Handling on gear is considered a dead stat with no significant benefit. In TU10, equipping a piece of gear with +8% Weapon Handling will now give you:
  • +8% Accuracy
  • +8% Stability
  • +8% Swap Speed
  • +8% Reload Speed
This should hopefully make Weapon Handling a strong complimentary attribute for players looking to increase their overall accuracy/stability (bloom + recoil) and/or reload/swap speed. Making the % amount of Weapon Accuracy/Stability/Swap Speed/Reload Speed gained from Weapon Handling 1:1 will also remove another element of arcane knowledge from the game and reduce the need for additional mental math when determining whether the bonus is an upgrade or not.

Talent Changes:

  • Leadership: Bonus Armor increased to 15% from 12%
  • Spike: Skill Damage Duration increased to 15s from 8s
  • Reformation: Skill Repair Duration increased to 15s from 8s
  • Creeping Death: No Longer goes on cooldown if there are no valid nearby enemies to apply a status effect to. Status effects applied now properly copy the source status effect’s damage and duration.


  • Global Damage Modifiers
    • Reduced all PvP weapon damage by -20%
  • Additional Damage Modifiers
    • Increased MMR PvP weapon damage by 12.5%
    • Reduced Assault Rifle PvP weapon damage by -15%
    • Reduced Shotgun PvP damage by -12.5%
    • Reduced SMG PvP damage by -10%
    • Reduced Pistol PvP damage by -10%
    • Reduced Rifle PvP damage by -5%
_Developer comment: With TU10, there have been significant buffs made to the base damage of assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns in particular. In order to prevent those weapons from becoming overly powerful in PvP, we’ve had to lower their PvP damage modifiers to compensate.
Note: Assault rifles are still tuned to be 10% stronger than normal in PvP in order to compensate for their innate Damage to Health bonus being less useful against other players when compared to other weapon archetypes._
  • Specific Damage Modifiers
    • Increased Double Barrel Shotgun PvP damage by 16.6%
    • Reduced Pestilence PvP damage by -10%
    • Reduced Classic M1A damage by -5%
  • Exotic Modifiers
    • Merciless/Ruthless: “Binary Trigger” amplified weapon damage and explosion damage reduced by -50% in PvP
    • Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster: “Quick Draw” damage bonus gained per stack in PvP lowered from +2% to +1%
      • Stacks gained per second in PvP now match the PvE value (0.5s to 0.3s)
    • Imperial Dynasty:
      • No longer automatically applies burn status effect to the nearest enemy in range.
      • Now requires maintaining range and LOS (line-of-sight) for 3 seconds between the holster bearer and nearest enemy before applying the burn status effect.
      • Added visual UI feedback to reveal the radius of effect in PvP and an indicator for LOS between the holster bearer and nearest enemy.
Developer comment: This should help address the lack of contextual feedback in PvP, and add a much needed window of opportunity for counterplay, or potential to avoid the incoming effect entirely.
  • * Pestilence * Plague of the Outcast damage-over-time effect no longer triggers True Patriot’s white debuff armor repair effect. (PvP and PvE)
Developer comment: While we like to embrace emergent or unintended mechanics when the end result is unique and fun gameplay, True Patriot’s white debuff explicitly states it requires shooting the debuffed target in order to receive the armor repair effect. Pestilence’s DoT managed to bypass this restriction, making it and True Patriot (especially when combined with Incoming Repairs) scale to disproportionate levels of power when used together.
  • Gear Set Modifiers
    • Negotiator’s Dilemma
      • Reduced the range at which marked targets can damage each other when critically hit to 15m (PvP only).
      • Added visual UI feedback when in range of another marked target.
  • Talent Modifiers
    • Efficient: Reduced specialization armor kit bonus from 100% to 50%
    • Versatile: Reduced the amplified weapon damage bonus for SMGs and shotguns from 35% to 25%
    • Vanguard: Reduced the duration of shield invulnerability from 5s to 2s
      • Note: UI will still show the old duration, but will be fixed in a later update.
    Specialization Modifiers * Firewall * Extracellular Matrix Mesh armor kit regen strength reduced by -50%, from 200% to 150%
  • Skill Modifiers
    • Pulse now correctly reveals and highlights all players in the DZ, not just hostiles/rogues
    • Increased Striker Drone damage by 30%
    • Increased Assault Turret damage by 55%
    • Reduced Firestarter Chem Launcher PvP damage by -20%
    • Reduced Bleed damage from Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret and Explosive Seeker Mine by 75%
    • Increased Stinger Hive damage by 20%, scaling up to 55% at skill tier 6
Developer commentary: We want dedicated skill builds to have multiple, powerful defensive tools for area denial/control. However, the strength of bleed effects meant being hit by just 1 stinger drone, mortar, or seeker mine was nearly a death sentence for most builds. The stinger hive should now better punish players who remain within its area of effect, rather than needing to rely entirely on the excessive damage of a single bleed DoT, while allowing the hive’s drone damage to scale higher for dedicated skill builds.

Weapon Balance


Assault Rifles

  • AK-M – 15.8% damage increase
  • F2000 – 14.3% damage increase
  • Military AK-M – 13.2% damage increase
  • Black Market AK-M – 13.2% damage increase
  • FAL – 12.0% damage increase
  • FAL SA-58 – 12.0% damage increase
  • FAL SA-58 Para – 12.0% damage increase
  • SOCOM Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
  • Tactical Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
  • Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
  • AUG A3-CQC – 11.2% damage increase
  • Honey Badger – 10.9% damage increase
  • FAMAS 2010 – 10.6% damage increase
  • ACR – 9.7% damage increase
  • ACR-E – 9.7% damage increase
  • Military G36 – 9.5% damage increase
  • G36 C – 9.5% damage increase
  • G36 Enhanced – 9.5% damage increase
  • Carbine 7 – 8.7 % damage increase
  • Military P416 – 7.4% damage increase
  • Custom P416 G3 - 7.4% damage increase
  • Police M4 – 6.8% damage increase
  • CTAR 21 – 8.6% damage increase


  • Classic M60 – 12.5% damage increase
  • Classic RPK-74 – 12.4% damage increase
  • Military RPK-74 M – 12.4% damage increase
  • Black Market RPK-74 E – 12.4% damage increase
  • Military M60 E4 – 9.2% damage increase
  • Black Market M60 E6 – 9.2% damage increase
  • Military L86 LSW – 8.5% damage increase
  • Custom L86 A2 – 8.5% damage increase
  • IWI NEGEV – 2.6% damage increase
  • Stoner LMG – 2.0% damage increase
  • M249 B – No changes
  • Tactical M249 Para – No changes
  • Military MK46 – No changes
  • MG5 – No changes
  • Infantry MG5 – 3.2% damage decrease


  • Model 700 – 14.9% damage increase
  • Hunting M44 – 13.5% damage increase
  • Classic M44 Carbine – 12.5% damage increase
  • G28 – 11.4% damage increase
  • SOCOM Mk20 SSR – 9.3% damage increase
  • SR-1 - 8.6% damage increase
  • Custom M44 – 8.1% damage increase
  • M700 Tactical – 8.1% damage increase
  • M700 Carbon – 8.1% damage increase
  • Covert SRS – 6.0% damage increase
  • SRS A1 – 6.0% damage increase
  • Surplus SVD – 2.9% damage decrease
  • Paratrooper SVD – 2.9% damage decrease


  • UIC15 MOD – 21.6% damage increase
  • 1886 – 21.3% damage increase
  • LVOA-C – 12.1% damage increase
  • M1A CQB – 10.7% damage increase
  • Lightweight M4 – 10.5% damage increase
  • G 716 CQB – 8.7% damage increase
  • SIG 716 – 6.7% damage increase
  • ACR SS – 3.7% damage increase
  • SOCOM M1A – No changes
  • M16A2 – No changes
  • USC .45 ACP - 2.8% damage decrease
  • Urban MDR – 5.5% damage decrease
  • Military Mk17 – 11.8% damage decrease
  • Police Mk17 - 11.8% damage decrease
  • Classic M1A - 12.6% damage decrease


  • Tommy Gun – 38.8% damage increase
  • PP-19 – 29.6% damage increase
  • Enhanced PP-19 – 29.6% damage increase
  • MP7 – 27.5% damage increase
  • MPX – 17.7% damage increase
  • M1928 – 20.0% damage increase
  • P90 – 15.6% damage increase
  • Converted SMG-9 – 15.8% damage increase
  • Black Market T821 – 15.4% damage increase
  • Police T821 – 15.4% damage increase
  • Vector SBR .45 ACP – 14.7% damage increase
  • CMMG Banshee – 12.5% damage increase
  • Police UMP-45 – 12.0% damage increase
  • Tactical UMP-45 – 12.0% damage increase
  • AUG A3 Para XS – 11.8% damage increase
  • Enhanced AUG A3P – 11.8 % damage increase
  • Tactical AUG A3P – 11.8% damage increase
  • Converted SMG-9 A2 – 11.6% damage increase
  • MP5A2 – 10.0% damage increase
  • MP5-N – 10.0% damage increase
  • MP5 ST – 10.0% damage increase
  • Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – 5.9% damage increase


  • M870 Express – 23.3% damage increase
  • Military M870 – 23.3% damage increase
  • Custom M870 MCS – 23.3% damage increase
  • Super 90 – 23.2% damage increase
  • Marine Super 90 – 23.2% damage increase
  • Tactical Super 90 SBS – 23.2% damage increase
  • SASG-12 – 21.3% damage increase
  • Tactical SASG-12 K – 21.3% damage increase
  • Black Market SASG-12 S – 21.3% damage increase
  • SPAS-12 – 18.6% damage increase
  • KSG Shotgun – 9.0% damage increase


  • Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun – Optimal Range reduced to 8m from 11m
  • 586 Magnum – 68.8% damage increase
  • Police 686 Magnum – 68.8% damage increase
  • Maxim 9 - 23.5% damage increase
  • D50 – 17.5% damage increase
  • First Wave PF45 – 13.5% damage increase
  • Custom PF45 – 9.7% damage increase
  • Military M9 – 8.7% damage increase
  • 93R - 7.7% damage increase
  • Snubnosed Diceros – 6.5% damage increase
  • Officer's M9 A1 – 6.3% damage increase
  • Diceros – 5.9% damage increase
  • M45A1 – 9.5% damage decrease
  • Tactical M1911 – 9.5% damage decrease
  • M1911 – 7.3% damage decrease

Exotics Changes

Developer comment: Along with the buffs to weapon damage, TU10's significant buff to weapon handling meant some exotic weapon mods no longer made sense or resulted in over tuned performance that no longer fit with the original design. We also took this opportunity to make improvements to underperforming exotic
The Bighorn
  • Damage increased by +11.2%
  • Increased optimal range from 27m to 40m
  • Optics mod bonus increased from +0% to +30% Headshot Damage
  • Magazine mod bonus changed from +7% Headshot Damage to +10% Reload Speed
  • Added functionality that provides additional headshot damage, full talent is now:
    • When scoped, switches to semi-automatic fire mode, dealing 450% weapon damage with each shot.
    • (New) Headshots grant +2% headshot damage. Stacks up to 50 times. Resets to 0 at full stacks.
Eagle Bearer
  • Damage increased by +7.8%
  • Underbarrel mod bonus changed from +10% Stability to +10% Weapon Handling
  • Damage increased by +32.8%
  • Optics mod bonus changed from +15% Accuracy to +15% Critical Hit Chance
  • Muzzle mod bonus changed from +5% Critical Hit Chance to +20% Accuracy
  • Underbarrel mod bonus changed from +10% Critical Hit Chance to +10% Stability
  • Optimal range increased by 33.3%, from 15m to 20m
  • Long range effectiveness increased by 19%, from 42m to 50m
  • Added functionality that retains your current buffs to the next combat encounter when combat ends, full talent is now:
    • Hitting 30 headshots grant +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s.
    • Hitting 75 body-shots grant +90% weapon damage for 45s.
    • Hitting 30 leg-shots grant +150% reload speed for 45s.
    • (New) Buffs refresh when out of combat.
Bullet King
  • Damage increased by +2.6%
  • Damage increased by +11.1%
  • Optics mod bonus increased from +35% to +45% Headshot Damage
  • Underbarrel mod bonus reduced from +15% to +5% Weapon Handling
  • Optics mod bonus changed from +5% Critical Hit Chance to +5% Headshot Damage
  • Muzzle mod bonus changed from +15% Stability to +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • Magazine mod bonus changed from +15% Reload Speed to +15% Weapon Handling
  • Added functionality to provide extra damage if you're trying to keep stacks, full talent is now:
    • (New) Hits grant +2% weapon damage. Stacks up to 30.
    • Headshots consume all stacks, repairing your shield for 3% per stack.
  • No longer highlights enemy weakpoints when aiming.
  • Damage increased by +12.5%
  • Muzzle mod bonus reduced from +20% to +10% Stability
  • Underbarrel mod bonus reduced from +20% to +10% Weapon Handling
  • Magazine mod bonus reduced from +15% to +10% Reload Speed
  • Added functionality to provide extra non-explosive damage as well, full talent is now:
    • This weapon fires on trigger pull and release.
    • If both bullets hit the same enemy, gain a stack.
    • (New) At 7 stacks, shooting an enemy deals 500% amplified damage and creates a 7m explosion dealing 500% weapon damage, consuming the stacks.
Developer Comment: Merciless was previously balanced for its very unwieldy handling and compensated with very high burst damage. With access to much higher accuracy and stability, Binary Trigger’s explosion strength has been toned down.
  • Damage increased by +7.7%
  • Text updated to clarify a new target isn’t marked until after the 5s buff.
Lullaby/Sweet Dreams
  • Damage increased by +11.0%
Lady Death
  • Damage increased by +18.9%
  • Optics mod bonus increased from +5% to +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Muzzle mod bonus changed from +5% Critical Hit Chance to +5% Critical Hit Damage
  • Underbarrel mod changed from +5% Critical Hit Damage to +500% Melee Damage
  • Breathe Free: Lowered the amount of maximum stacks from 40 to 32, and increased the damage amplification per stack from 60% to 75%
The Chatterbox
  • Damage increased by +16.7%
  • Optics mod bonus increased from +5% to +15% Critical Hit Chance
  • Muzzle mod bonus changed from +10% Critical Hit Chance to +5% Critical Hit Damage
  • Underbarrel mod bonus reduced from +15% to +10% Weapon Handling
  • Magazine mod bonus changed from +10% Reload Speed to +10 Rounds
  • Magazine base capacity reduced from 60 to 50
  • Muzzle mod bonus changed from +10% Stability to +10% Accuracy
  • Underbarrel mod bonus changed from +10% Weapon Handling to +10% Stability
NinjaBike Messenger Kneepads
  • Added functionality to add bonus armor, full talent is now:
    • (New) Performing a cover to cover or vaulting reloads your drawn weapon and grants +25% bonus armor for 5s.
Dodge City Gunslinger Holster
  • Added functionality that makes your hit do headshot damage, full talent is now:
    • While your pistol is holstered, gain a stacking buff every 0.3s, up to 100. When you swap to it, your first shot consumes the buff and deals +10% damage per stack.
    • (New) This deals headshot damage to anywhere you hit.
BTSU Datagloves
  • Changed functionality to no longer grant group/raid-wide overcharge unless you are skill tier 6
  • Added functionality to provide hive skill haste, full talent is now:
    • (New) Grants +15% Hive skill haste per skill tier.
    • (Changed) Detonating a hive refreshes your skill cooldowns and grants overcharge for 15s.If at Skill Tier 6, this effect also applies to all allies.
    • Allies receiving this effect are unable to benefit from it again for 120s.
Sawyer's Kneeguards
  • Added functionality to continue to provide damage bonus move for a short duration, full talent is now:
    • Cannot be staggered by explosions.
    • Increases total weapon damage by 3% each second you are not moving. Stacks up to 10 until you start moving.
    • (New) All stacks lost 10s after moving.

Gear Set Changes

Hard Wired
  • Feedback Loop no longer fully refreshes the cooldown of a skill, but instead reduces it by up to 30s
Ongoing Directive
  • Main Talent
    • Hollow-Point Ammo is no longer dropped on kill, and instead automatically added to your active weapon when killing status afflicted enemies
    • Backpack Talent (New)
  • “Trauma Specialist”
    • Increases the duration of your bleed status effects by 50% and all bleed damage done by 100%
    • Increased 3-piece Reload Speed bonus from +20% to +30%
Tip of the Spear
  • Main Talent (PVE)
    • Aggressive Recon's weapon damage buff is now gained when dealing specialization weapon damage, instead of on specialization weapon kill
  • Main Talent (PVP)
    • Aggressive Recon's weapon damage buff is now gained when dealing grenade damage, instead of on grenade kill
  • Backpack Talent (New)
    • “Signature Moves”
    • Increases specialization weapon damage by 20%, and doubles the amount of specialization ammo generated by Aggressive Recon
Aces and Eights
  • Main Talent
    • "Poker Face" backpack talent is now a baseline effect:
    • Flip an additional card on headshots
  • Backpack Talent (New)
    • “Ace in the Sleeve”
    • Amplifies 1 extra shot when revealing your hand
    • 3-piece Headshot Damage bonus is now additive, rather than multiplicative
    • Increased 3-piece Headshot Damage bonus from +20% to +30%
System Corruption
  • Main Talent
    • Now repairs 20% of your armor in addition to granting 50% bonus armor
    • Increases total weapon damage by 1% per 5% bonus armor gained, up to 20%
Striker’s Battlegear
  • Main Talent
    • Reduced the number of stacks lost on missed shots from 3 to 2
  • Backpack Talent
    • No longer reduces number of stacks lost on missed shots
    • (New) Increases total weapon damage gained per stack of Striker's Gamble from 0.5% to 0.65%.
Negotiators Dilemma
  • Damage transfers on the initial bullet that marks a new target
Hard Wired
  • Increased 3-piece Repair Skills bonus from +15% to +30%
Brand Set Changes Alps Summit Armament
  • Increased 1-piece Repair Skills bonus from +15% to +20%
Murakami Industries
  • Increased 2-piece Repair Skills bonus from +15% to +20%
Richter & Kaiser
  • Increased 3-piece Repair Skills bonus from +15% to +20%
  • Incoming Repairs brand set bonus increased from +15% to +20%
Providence Defense
  • Increased 1-piece Headshot Damage bonus from +10% to +15%
Airaldi Holdings
  • Increased 2-piece Headshot Damage bonus from +10% to +15%
Grupo Sombra S.A
  • Increased 3-piece Headshot Damage bonus from +10% to +15%
Overlord Armaments
  • Increased 2-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%
Douglas & Harding
  • Increased 2-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased 3-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%
Fenris Group AB
  • Increased 2-piece Reload Speed bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased 3-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%

Specialization Changes

  • Gunner specialization's Emplacement talent Weapon Handling bonus reduced from +15% to +10%
    • Note: The UI will incorrectly say it still adds +15% Weapon Handling. This will be fixed in a future update.

Skill Changes

  • Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret, and Explosive Seeker Mine now display its Bleed Damage and Duration
Seeker Mine
  • Cluster Seeker Mine targeting accuracy improved
Developer comment: The Cluster Seeker Mine is not intended to be as accurate as the Explosive variant. Once it is a certain distance from its target it locks the location it is aiming for and continues towards that regardless of where its original target agent has since moved to. This "bullcharge" behavior reflects the mini-mines' less advanced technology and balances the skill mod's effectiveness. This said, we have noticed that the Cluster Seeker's accuracy has been a source of frustration so we've shortened the distance until it activates its "bullcharge" and adjusted when it decides to explode. These adjustments should make the Cluster Seeker feel more accurate, but these are measured steps as we do not want the skill to return to its OP TU7-state.
  • Stinger Hive base damage reduced -20%
  • Stinger Hive damage bonus per skill tier increased from +10% to +20%
Developer comment: In order to make investing in skill tiers have a greater impact on the Stinger Hive's damage, we slightly reduced base drone damage, while doubling the amount of damage gained with each skill tier. These changes will result in a net buff for dedicated skill builds, with a 10% increase in Stinger Hive drone damage at skill tier 6.
  • Restorer hive gains +5% drone flight speed per skill tier
Developer comment: Increases to the Restorer Hive's radius had the unfortunate effect of increasing the time it took for repair drones to reach their target the further they were from the hive. Increasing drone flight speed with each skill tier should help offset that somewhat counter-intuitive behavior when taking advantage of the increased area of effect, and make the Restorer Hive a more reliable tool for healers.
Chem Launcher
  • Riot Foam Chem Launcher ensnare duration bonus per skill tier reduced from +20% to +10%
  • Reinforcer Chem Launcher: UI has been updated to clarify that the initial heal only affects allies and not the Skill user. The functionality has not changed.
  • Blinder Firefly blind duration bonus per skill tier reduced from +20% to +10%
  • Blinder Firefly base blind duration reduced from 6s to 5s
  • Banshee Pulse cooldown increased from 20s to 30s
  • Banshee Pulse base confuse duration reduced from 5s to 4s
  • Jammer Pulse base disrupt duration reduced from 4s to 3s
Shock Trap
  • Shock Trap base shock duration reduced from 5s to 3s (PvP duration remains unchanged)
  • Shock Trap base radius increased from 2m to 2.5m
  • When the active duration ends, its cooldown is refunded an equal number of seconds that it was active.

Further Bugfixes:

=> Source
submitted by JokerUnique to thedivision [link] [comments]

Chromie's latest rework - a mathematical breakdown, where it failed, and what it can improve on moving forward.

So, as I'm sure some of you have noticed, I post a lot about Chromie, and frankly have for a very long time. To clear the air about my position and expose any bias I might have, I will state that I don't think the hero has ever been OP or "unfun to play against", probably because I played her a lot and thus when going up against one on the enemy team had a pretty good idea of how they would play and how to counter them. I do respect the viewpoint though, and that's why my upcoming post on her rework and possible changes that could be made to it does it's best to keep that in mind. I'm not even close to GM, I'm not even the highest-leveled Chromie on this sub by a long shot, I'm just someone super passionate about the hero who nerded out over the past few days and did some MATHS and shit.

Thus, the stated goals of this post:

-Make Chromie more fun to play for the people who enjoyed playing her prior to this or other reworks. From my general anecdotal experiences in various Twitch chats, it feels like most players including many former pros and GM players say that while the hero is stronger numerically, she's much less fun to play, and IMO her pick rate sitting at a fairly lackluster 11% in Storm League confirms that. She only has a 50% winrate, so it's also clear that she's not excelling even when played by those still enthusiastic about the hero or in situations that would be good for her to be drafted, as is the case with most niche picks. She's not the WORST hero in the game by a long margin, but if the dev comments on her 8-28 buff patch are any indication, it's clear that Blizzard's internal data probably has her struggling a bit too.
-Make her emphasis fully on spells rather than her current combination of spells and sand clone auto-attacks. She's a mage hero, and one with the longest range in the game. Nobody plays her to be a right-click bot, and yet right-clicks are a pretty big part of her damage - more than half her Q DPS if we're being exact here. This obviously isn't Whitemane rework levels of AA-focus, but it's still pretty high and if we look at other mage AA talents as any indication, it's obvious that people don't prefer or like those talents and prefer the focus for mages remain firmly on their spells. Yet because Chromie's AA gimmick is a baseline part of her kit, and not just an individual talent, obviously other parts of her kit were made deliberately weaker to compensate for that. I'd like to see that addressed, and think it would go a loooong way towards achieving stated goal number 1, which is to make her more fun to play.
-Buff her slightly in ways that aren't straight numerical changes. See my above point about why she could probably use some slight tweaking. I think throwing numbers at Chromie is exactly why her last rework (with Temporal Loop/Timely Surprise one-shot shenanigans) grew to be so problematic, and I don't want to see that become the case here and see this sub fill up with posts again about how she needs to be dumpstered. Frankly she's finally almost at a good place in the game and I think with some slight changes she could basically be almost perfect, or at least as perfect as she can be without pissing off people en masse.
-Fix her problematic level 1 and level 18 talent tiers. There are no real choices at 1 or 18, and I personally think this is a shame because if those tiers were fixed, the hero could actually have THREE separate, viable builds IMO - a Q build, a W build, and a generic "spellpower" build that doesn't hyperfocus on either ability but rather buff them both mildly.
-What these changes are NOT proposing are increasing her burst, range, or other factors that players typically associate with frustration when playing against her. I can't stress that enough. I think her current damage is fine for the most part, albeit a bit too reliant on Q pierce at 18 to do anything meaningful. I think Loop is a nice setup ability but the full one-shot potential behind it again, isn't realized until 18 and even then only on the squishiest heroes in the game. As I've said already, Chromie is MOSTLY fine and my goal isn't to make her OP, just improve her talent diversity on certain tiers and make her a bit more fun to play for people who liked playing her previously.

The numbers breakdown:

-Q = 122 damage per second, reliant on a line skillshot that can be blocked by PVE, structures, or other enemy heroes other than your intended target. 20 mana cost, 15 range. Q damage per second calculated assuming you land both the primary Q missile as well as the sand clone Q missile that does 40% damage.
-W, assuming all 3 drops land on a single-target = 43.71 damage per second. Unlikely that all 3 drops will hit, however has the benefit of being AOE. That said, even assuming a unicorn situation where all 5 members of the enemy team potato into all 3 hits of the ability it is still only a baseline 218.55 DPS...that's sad, IMO. Slightly less than double damage per second compared to hitting both Q missiles, a situation that is far more likely to occur, though obviously significantly more mana-friendly due to W's cooldown vs Q's cooldown. 65 mana cost, 13 range, but due to the nature of the vector can reach around 21 range (rough estimate). I wouldn't consider the max range that valuable given the drop delay - enemies will be able to predict the drop of the third hit and dodge it completely, making that range useless.
-AAs = 76.5 damage per second during Q setup period (basically casting a Q first to set up the sand clone), then 114.8 damage per second for every second thereafter, point and click, can't miss barring blinds or evade abilities/talents. No mana cost, 7.5 range.
So we can already see two things: number one, that Chromie's AAs are not an insignificant part of her damage, even assuming you are a god and can constantly land both the primary Q missile AND the secondary Q missile, and number two, that her W unless operating under basically impossible conditions is very lackluster damage-wise. This leads to a pretty boring playstyle where your Q feels like a clone setup for braindead free AA damage until level 18 when suddenly your power spikes off the charts, and your W feels like something you just use for waveclear, and MAYBE to pressure an enemy team in a chokepoint.
A "waveclear-only" ability isn't strictly a problem for a mage except that Chromie's has the unique advantage of getting completely dicked by long CC chains - unless someone is actually capable of moving you will only hit someone with 2 W hits (there's a small Venn diagram area where the hitboxes of two Ws overlap). This "Venn diagram" area is actually so small that you cannot fit two hero hitboxes into it, meaning you'll only get that particular value on a singular target, even if there are multiple people caught in something like a RoF/Mosh Pit. Other mages do not have this issue, not even Gul'dan due to the size and drop speed of his vector spell. Note that I use Corruption as the comparison here because not only are Corruption and Dragon's Breath both triple-drop circular vector spells, they also share an identical cooldown and identical damage on each hit (lmao). The original comparisons to new Dragon's Breath being "Sand Corruption" were not far off, even though Chromie mains were called hyperbolic for saying as such.

Fundamental problems with Chromie's rework:

-To put it simply, auto-attacks on sand clone are too strong and thus make the level 1 Q talent where you gain a third sand clone auto-attack too valuable to pass up. They also make Mobius Loop at 5 wholly unappealing because it does fuck-all for your sand clone autos, though Proper Greeting and Bronze Talons mathematically both have their strong suits and have a healthy competition with one another (tl;dr Talons is good if you have a target you want to hit who is unlikely to be affected by CC or your spells and the enemy has an easy fat target like tanks/Azmodan/Fenix that you can nail with Q to get the proc - so basically hypermobile heroes and heroes with spell shields who can pop them to as a response to Proper Greeting procs, OR in comps where you have literally 0 CC outside of your own Trap slow and Slowing Sands).
-Because the level 1 Q quest is so good, it basically makes taking Piercing Sands at 18 somewhat inevitable to get maximum value out of the triple Qs you can set up. Bear in mind, I think Chromie's Q hitting PVE was fundamentally a nerf and I don't think it was a good idea in retrospect. I get that the goal was to "increase counterplay/reduce frustration" by making it so that players could juke behind minion waves or their buildings and not get gibbed over walls and whatnot, but because of this change the hero is now very reliant on her AA gimmick to deal consistent damage AND you could argue that she honestly doesn't feel like a real hero until you get pierce at 18. Regardless, I understand that this change is probably here to stay and I think there are ways we can work around her jank power distribution while still keeping the PVE Q block in. (More on this in "Proposed Changes" below.)
-Building into W just feels like shit because of how lackluster the damage is. It's clear that her power pie was distributed based on the rare unicorn chance that she will hit all 3 Ws on a single target, but given the winrate and pickrate of W talents we can honestly see that this isn't a winning strategy, especially when Q gives you more consistent value (and probably would even if sand clone AAs were removed tbh). To clarify, W would have to hit at least 6 times (as in, any combination of players in any combination of hits that would equal 6) to match the DPS of just Chromie's primary Q missile...saying nothing of her sand clone AA damage and secondary Q missile damage. Obviously Chromie talenting into W doesn't mean she can't use Q, so I did the math on simply the bonus 3rd sand clone AA and tertiary Q missile, and landing each one is an increase of 67.66 DPS. W talents are only an increase of 32.14 DPS, though bear in mind this is for 3 hits on a single target only. Here's where it gets stupid: the third sand clone AA by itself is an increase of 32.8 DPS. This means that unless you are consistently hitting at least two people with W for multiple hits of the ability or you simply cannot stay in 7.5 range to AA* at any given time it is universally better to build into Q talent at 1 solely for the extra AA, even if you never land a single tertiary Q missile in your goddamned life. See where this is a problem?

The Proposed Changes (aka the meat of this post):

Suffice it to say, I think Dragon's Breath at this point needs a fundamental change to its design to not only be effective at what it is supposed to do, but also in general just to be fun to use. Its current design is a move that largely punishes potatoes or players stuck in a "no-win" situation where they either have to eat the second and third W hits or face greater threats like CC chains for trying to facetank it by not moving during the first hit. My proposed change is to simply turn Chromie's W into a single ability with 3 separate charges, keeping its current damage, radius, and drop speed, giving each charge an individual mana cost and allowing all charges to return at once similar to Junkrat Q/Zarya grenade. What this does by default is make W talents more appealing by allowing good Chromie players who can "read" their opponents correctly the option to build into that move and deal respectable damage, especially as an alternative to matchups where Q may not be a reliable source of damage (into summoners, Anub'arak, Nova/Samuro/Rexxar, etc). What this would NOT do is bring back Loop one-shots, because with a .75 drop delay the Looped target will only eat one charge of the damage same as they do now...they will have to be more careful on how they move immediately after Loop though to make sure Chromie doesn't read their movement and plop another in their path. I think this is a fair change, even if it comes with slight numerical nerfs to W to compensate. (I don't think she will need this though due to other proposed changes I have below.)
To follow to that, I think that the sand clone gimmick should either be scrapped, or if nothing else the AA component of it needs to be removed. I actually like the sand clone thematically and am fine with it mirroring Q - I think it would be neat if it could go further and also mimic her W, adding further dimension to Chromie's "prediction mage" theme. I get that two invisible Ws dropping anywhere would definitely be tilting AF for the enemy team though, so this change could either come with W returning to being visible or, as I stated earlier, simply keep the sand clone mirroring only Chromie's Q and nothing else.
What this change would aim to do is frankly tone down how stupidly effective her AAs are compared to her actual abilities. I can't think of a single person who originally picked up this hero to be an auto-bot; IMO there's Hanzo and Junkrat for that long-range/AA hybrid flavor and they were both designed around that purpose (Junkrat with splash AAs, Hanzo with AA-related talents/build). Nothing about Chromie's 2016 release hinted at "right-click guys for the same DPS as your spells", not even OG Bronze Talons which for the record I do think suffered from a lack of meaningful competitive options until Timely Surprise in 2018 and that's why it was picked all the time.
Regardless, I think Sand Blast should have 1-target pierce made baseline if sand clone autos are removed. I think if you remove clone autos the damage numbers will simply default to W being unilaterally the best build outside of playing for the very binary power spike at level 18 from Piercing Sands, which I don't think is super healthy for her design. Chromie's autos paired with clone autos were actually one of the few ways the hero could damage people standing behind a Zagara minion, and if you remove the strength of those she'll need some sort of extra power to compensate, IMO. That said, this is a change that might not wholly be necessary if other aspects of her kit are made better, such as the W change I proposed above. This could be a wait-and-see sort of change, I admit.
Alternately, if 2-target Q is too strong baseline, it could be an alternate reward to her level 1 quest, removing the tertiary missile altogether. Incidentally this would give her more power in the early game by completing the quest, while not completely dumpstering the 18 talent's viability, while also giving players the freedom to pick something else on 18 if they feel like 2-target Qs are good enough to pressure the enemy team. I think this is a pretty healthy change that makes her a little less hot-and-cold when it comes to damage dealing, especially when it comes to early game vs late game.
Her level 5 talent tier will need a bit more parity, especially if clone autos are removed. Bronze Talons' power budget currently factors in the extra autos from clone, including if you complete the level 1 Q quest - while I like the synergy between the two talents, I think if clone autos are removed Bronze Talons as a whole will need to be redesigned. I think the simplest change is to bake in a functionality that mirrors the strength of her old sand clone when this rework originally went live, which is that sand clone's Q damage is increased from 40% to 50%. This was originally nerfed in an attempt to increase parity between her level 1 talents, but failed miserably, and I think with the other changes I've proposed here the extra 10% clone damage could probably come back.
Mobius Loop in its current form is really bad, and even with a full mana refund or something added in will probably continue to be bad. While my proposed changes to W would make it get more value by default, I think we can do better by making the ability an active on a 60-90 second cooldown that returns all her W charges at once instead. This seems kind of strong and I'm open to feedback on this one, but I think without some bold changes to W and W talents that Q will still be the dominant build and this was just one thing I could think of to make W more appealing.
For her heroics, I think Slowing Sands could probably use the level 18 functionality made baseline to make it more appealing compared to Loop. I like Sands as an easy way to proc her current Greeting talent at 5, but since the straight nerfs that came with her latest rework that made it only a 5% slow baseline it just has really minimal use outside of Greeting procs, and you can rely on your Time Trap slow talent or allies for those procs. It could probably use some slight buffs. I honestly have no idea what to make the 18 upgrade if the spell armor reduction is added to the level 8 version. Suggestions more than welcome here.
Her survivability options on 11 are actually okay except for Here and There. This is where I actually make a pretty bold change for her baseline Q sand clone, which is actually that rather than leaving a clone where Chromie previously cast her last Q, sand clone is now an active that Chromie can choose to place anywhere within 7.5 radius of her, with say a 10-20 second cooldown. I think this is a bit of a "berf" in that it's probably a nerf to fairly aggressive/mobile Chromie players who are constantly moving and placing new Qs in very forward locations, but probably a buff to more strategic Chromies who want to aim their shots at the perfect angle to hit their intended target. The change is kind of playstyle-defining and I'm not 100% sure it's what she needs, but I also think this could not only serve as a way of making Here and There more appealing (by giving more control over where you teleport to), but also a decent workaround to Q being blocked by various things until level 18. This might serve to reduce reliance on her level 18 pierce talent as well, which I always welcome.
Fast Forward is in a similarly poor spot compared to the other 14 options. By 14 Chromie basically has zero mana tension, making half the talent effectively useless. With some simple MATHS we can see what sort of DPS increase Fast Forward is vs the other two:
-Fast Forward, assuming you always get the proc and ALWAYS hit your secondary Q missile from sand clone, turns Q from a 122 DPS move to an 282 DPS move. This however doesn't affect her W, so the overall total DPS is 282 from this talent under perfect conditions - basically spamming because the CDR is so fast, never moving, and always hitting Q WITH also hitting the secondary Q missile. Bear in mind that this talent does not proc from a long-range sand clone Q, meaning you must position in such a way that the primary missile will always travel 50% of its distance. Shifting Sands works similarly so I don't factor that into DPS contributions, though Quantum Overdrive does in fact get CDR from all sand clone hits, making its actual DPS higher than what I calculated in theory.
-Quantum Overdrive, assuming you always achieve the CDR from Sand Blasts for it (again, we're assuming perfect conditions for everything here), will be available every 24 seconds and is a flat 25% spellpower increase for 8 seconds - or basically, two Q casts and one W cast (we won't factor in Loop usage here for simplicity's sake). Factoring in the CD, this is a 54.1 DPS increase - not nearly as impressive, though worth noting that the upfront damage is much larger AND and as I stated above, you actually get CDR from every sand clone missile, meaning its value increases exponentially with the Q quest on level 1 as well as how good you are at landing multi-Q hits.
-Shifting Sands has math that is much harder to calculate due to its stacking increase, but because I love you all I did. Suffice it to say, assuming you do not let the stacking spellpower buff fall off, it is a 151 DPS increase on Q until it ramps up at 38.5 seconds (not directly, mind you, this is just on average, I wasn't calculating 10 individual DPS increases and pasting them here lol), then a 181 DPS increase for each second it remains fully stacked. This is actually less than Fast Forward, though you can also add in 58ish DPS for W hits (again, assuming all 3 hits on a single target only), making the total value of the talent 209 DPS until stacked, then 249 DPS after.
So this is still less than Fast Forward, right? So why the hell are people picking it, you might ask? Simply because at any point if you miss a Q, the entire value of Fast Forward is lost, whereas with Shifting Sands you retain the spellpower unless you whiff a second Q hit in that original 8-second window. Basically, you have to land 1 Q every 8 seconds to get value out of Shifting Sands. Fast Forward, if you ever don't proc it, you don't have a level 14 talent during that and the window between your next Q.
(That said, doing this math actually made me realize that Fast Forward might be better than I think it is and I might give it a try in my next match, hehe.)
To be honest, all Fast Forward might need to be competitive is for the CDR to occur even if a secondary or tertiary Q missile hits, rather than requiring it to be the primary one. Since Fast Forward only buffs Q and not W, I think this is a fair buff that would reward consistently good aim with more sustained damage relative to Q, while still leaving Shifting Sands the favorite for a more forgiving slow spellpower increase and Quantum Overdrive for Loop/burst shenanigans.
As a final point, while I think that a lot of my proposed baseline changes to the hero would by default make Piercing Sands mildly less appealing at 18, I'm still not sure what to do to completely increase her talent diversity on this tier, especially because her ulti upgrades are frankly kind of lackluster. This is an area where I sort of ran out of steam brainstorming, to be completely honest with you. I actually think both of her ultis are really boring baseline and couldn't come up with interesting 18 upgrades for either. Lend me your brains on this one, HotS subreddit! What would you do to make Chromie's Piercing Sands talent less appealing while making her ulti upgrades more appealing? I'd love to see what we can all come up with!

In Closing:

These changes, whether implemented as a whole or by their parts in certain areas, would IMO serve to give the hero three viable build paths:
-1st build path, "Q path": Q talent at 1 for second pierce target, newly-designed Bronze Talons at 5 for the extra clone Q damage, Here and There at 11 for mobility shenanigans thanks to being able to manually place your clone target in advantageous locations, Fast Forward at 14 to put a further emphasis on landing good Qs and edging out W as a big part of your damage pie, and Piercing Sands at 18 for obvious reasons.
-2nd build path, "W path": W talent at 1, Mobius Loop at 5, any survivability option at 11, Quantum Overdrive at 14 to take advantage of the new Mobius Loop W charge reset, Piercing Sands at 18 could still be appealing with this build but I also think Blessing of the Bronze or Temporal Loop upgrade depending on your ulti choice could be good here.
And a final "generic spellpower path" that doesn't build strictly into improving Q or W separately and would instead opt to modestly increase the damage of both, with perhaps less binary gains than building fully into one spell: which would feature Timewalker's Pursuit at 1, Proper Greeting at 5, any survivability option at 11, Shifting Sands at 14 (though I think Quantum could work here too), and maybe Q pierce or Blessing at 18.
While I appreciate anyone who has read this far, for those who don't have the fortitude here is a simple tl;dr:
-W is no longer 3 vectored hits that drop at the same time but rather 3 circular AOEs that can be dropped individually but all return on the same cooldown similar to Junk Q/Zarya Q. If this is OP, reduce the size of the AOE so opponents have greater windows to dodge, or (possibly) make the landing point visible again (less a fan of this though tbh).
-sand clone autos removed to put more damage back into her spells and less into boring right-click talents/builds (her right-click damage is about 2/3rds the DPS of Q!). Her current design with sand clone AAs means that the level 1 Q quest that adds an extra sand clone is dramatically more value than the other two quests simply for the extra AA damage, which is a bongos DPS increase in comparison. Rather than gut the entire sand clone thematic, which I think is cool, I think simply removing the AAs would do loads for her talent diversity.
-manual sand clone placement on a modest cooldown to work around the newly-implemented Q PVE block. An alternate solution is to change her level 1 Q quest from a third sand clone to a singular pierce upon completion, allowing her once the quest is completed to have Q hit two targets for each missile instead of just 1. Either way if sand clone placement is made manual I think the level 1 Q quest will have to be changed, because otherwise manually placing two clones would probably make her a bit too "busy", and I don't want her to be butt-blastingly difficult to play for anyone who isn't a main. I think both manual Q placement and changing the Q quest at 1 to reward one-unit pierce would be fine, without sending her balance out of control, but obviously I can't say for sure.
-Some talent retooling and rebalancing to promote better diversity on certain tiers (namely 1, 14 and 18). I could use some help on brainstorming better ult upgrades at 18 than what she currently has.
-NO increases to damage or range except incidental increases from things like easier Q secondary missile hits or more control over W landing points. These would be offset by the removal of sand clone autos, as well as less reliance on Q pierce talent at 18, making her power curve less exponential.
-no changes to Time Trap, which I think after the rework is a beautifully-designed ability as-is and the talent tier representing it (level 2) is one of the most balanced talent tiers we actually have in the entire Heroes of the Storm game.
If you made it through all this without rage-quitting over the mere mention of Chromie, I appreciate your time, and am looking forward to having some discussions here. Are these changes too much? What do you think the hero needs to become a bit more fun to play, while not dramatically increasing her power level or the frustration factor that other people have playing against her? How would you improve her talent diversity with her current design? I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!
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Some collected advice/tips/answered questions from a recent CS alum

I recently decided I was going to switch the account I use to comment on this subreddit. In the process, I've gone and deleted everything I'd written about BU on my old account. But it seemed a shame to have all that stuff -- questions answered, tips given, etc. lost forever. With the semester starting up soon and freshmen descending on campus, I figured it'd be a good time to collect the useful bits (lightly edited) into one mega post here.
It's mostly CS major related stuff, but I've tried to separate out the universally applicable parts at the top. It is a lot. I've tried to update minor things in italics if they have since changed. If you have any additional questions I might be able to answer (especially about the CS major), I'm happy to answer in comments or via PM/chat.
(For background, I was a CS major at BU, graduating this past May, and I did the BA/MS program.)
Universally applicable
How easy is it to find tutors/how helpful is the career office?
It varies a lot per department/major. I was CS, and I was presented with ample opportunities to network and get an internship via career days, professor networks, etc -- and all those resources were through the CS department or clubs. I never once used the official career office.
In all likelihood, my experience is unique to the CS major. A business student would likely have a very different set of resources; likewise with COM or CFA, or even different majors in CAS.
You shouldn't be afraid to ask specifics about your own major -- people with relevant experience will probably chime in.
How does the meal plan loophole work?
Also referred to as the 330 -> 250 "hack". For newcomers or those out of the loop, here's some info:
The 330 and 250 plans both have a fixed number of meals and dining points. Both cost the same, but the 330 has fewer dining points than the 250 (which makes sense, since you have more dining hall swipes).
There is an undocumented (but very popular among those who know about it) loophole you can use to effectively "convert" some of the meals on your dining plan into extra dining points. It's perfectly legal -- you aren't "exploiting the system" or anything, at least to my knowledge -- you're just getting your value in a different way (some of your meals are being converted into their dining point-equivalent value). People like this because dining points can be used at more places around campus like the GSU (food court with places like Panda Express), Late Night, and the West Campus market.
Here's the way it works (it's pretty simple):
Once done, you'll find that, with no extra charge, you'll end up with an absurd amount of dining points -- usually over 1000 to spend through the spring semester. (For comparison, the largest amount you can get on a standard plan is something like 800, and that's spread out over the whole year.) It's usually enough that you don't ever have to visit the dining halls at all during the spring semester if you don't want to. (Though you will still have 125 swipes for that semester regardless of whether you choose to use them or not.)
There are a few things to keep in mind with this:
If anyone is, for some reason, curious how this works in terms of actual numbers, here's how I understand it:
Meals on the 330 and 250 plans are split halfway between semesters. For example, if you're on the 250 plan, you have an allowance of 125 meals for the fall and 125 for the spring. If you're on the 330 plan, you have 165 meals per semester.
When you switch from 330 to 250, the per-semester allowance needs to go down from whatever you currently have to 125 (for the 250 plan). That means 40 meals (the difference between 165 and 125), plus whatever meals you didn't use from the last semester's allowance of 165, automatically get converted to dining points at a rate of $10 (possibly more, can't remember exactly) per meal. This means, in addition to the larger amount of dining points you get from switching to 250, you also get at least 400 more dining points on top of it. Usually, this yields at least 1000, though I've seen far higher than that.
Computer Science specific
What's the first CS class I should take?
CS111. It's a great introduction to programming in Python (a good beginner language) and computer science overall; it tries to cover the basics of a lot of different sub-topics like low-level programming, logic, and algorithms. It counts for both the major and minor and is usually the first thing people take. If you're considering a major, it's a great jumping off point--highly recommended and a lot of fun. Plus Sullivan is one of the best professors at BU (but you'll hear me say that about a lot of CS professors 🙂)
How hard is CS112 compared to CS111?
(Author's note: This is a significantly older reply -- about 4 years old -- and I'm not sure I agree with myself anymore. CS112 is not unreasonably difficult, but it is a step up from 111. I think that's what I was trying to convey. Additionally -- I took 112 with Wayne Snyder; different people teach it nowadays, and the curriculum will probably be different. Take this with a grain of salt.)
112 is significantly more difficult, especially later in the semester. You'll start out learning the basics of Java and diving deeper into object-oriented programming. (The OOP you learned in 111 is really only scratching the surface; Python wasn't really designed to be object-oriented, and Java is far more robust in that area.) Later you'll get into data structures like linked lists and hash tables; towards the end of the semester, you'll be doing some really cool projects like an article search engine.
It's really the first class that's representative of the true difficulty of later CS classes--111 is a joke compared to later stuff in the major. If you manage 112 okay, you'll be fine for the rest of the major. In that sense, you could call it a weed-out class, but it's not really the same as like Chem 101. It's a perfectly fair class that not everybody can manage.
Who is the best CS professor you've had at BU?
  • Andrei Lapets -- anything he teaches
  • Sharon Goldberg -- NetSec
  • Mayank Varia -- Applied Crypto
  • Leonid Reyzin -- Intro to Crypto
  • John Byers -- Algorithms
How much programming will I learn? Will I need to do independent learning to ensure I'm up to speed?
CS111/112/210 are the only CS classes where learning programming is the explicit focus of the class, but that doesn't mean that you don't program in other classes--quite the opposite, in fact. With the exception of the really theory-oriented classes like 131 and 330, you can expect to be programming all the time as part of your work. It's just that you're working in the context of applying some theory or algorithm instead of just programming for the sake of learning how to program. You might build something that applies RSA encryption to a message for CS235, or an M/M/1 queuing simulator for CS350, or a simplified machine language compiler in CS320 (all actual examples from those classes). All of those are very substantive programming projects. You certainly don't need to worry about forgetting how to code, that's for sure.
Regarding independent learning: to learn specific platforms like Android or web, you will largely need to take that on yourself. BUCS assumes that you're intelligent enough to figure out "specifics" on your own and instead focuses on teaching you the more abstract theoretical bits that (in my opinion) are much harder to learn outside of an academic environment. Understanding theory allows you to learn things quicker, which is (to me) far, far more valuable than studying some web framework that's going to be irrelevant in six months anyway. With that said, however, we do have a few very practical-skill-oriented classes: CS411 (the software engineering class) is probably the best way to learn web development as part of a class. We have a CS591 that's been going for two semesters now about Android app development. (Author's note: this 591 may have since changed to a permanent numbered class. It's been going on for years at this point.)
You should also look into the CS-oriented clubs. Global App Initiative and Open Web are focused on doing things with mobile and web, respectively, and BUILDS/Women in CS/Make BU do workshops for this kind of stuff all the time. BUILDS and Make BU are great environments for working on a personal project -- BUILDS has a makerspace that's open 24/7, and Make BU hosts weekly hack nights.
Finally--consider getting involved with the hackathon scene. They're a great way to really get your feet wet with something new, plus you'll have something to show off at the end of it. Make BU organizes trips to the big ones around the Boston area (author's note: at least they did in the past... not sure about now), and there are always at least a few smaller hackathons at BU throughout the year (BUILDS/BostonHacks usually hosts Local Hack Day, for example).
Which programming languages are taught at BU?
We don't end up doing a lot of specific language learning in BUCS; I've heard professors say the goal is to provide you the tools and mindset to be able to pick up a language in a few weeks, max.
With that said, the (rough) language breakdown for the CS curriculum at BU is as follows:
  • CS 111: Python (used to be Java)
  • 112: Java
  • 210: C and Assembly
  • 131: none (usually--it's the proofs class, so there's basically no programming, although Lapets gave Python assignments when he taught it)
  • 132: varies depending on professor, but Python is most common (since it's great for data analysis and math)
  • 235: likewise
  • 237: likewise
  • 320: since this is a programming languages course, you'll get exposure to a wide array of languages, but it varies depending on professor. Lapets taught in Python and Haskell, while Xi (who will probably be teaching it from here on out) teaches in ATS, the language he defined as part of his work.
  • 330: depends on professor; Byers specified "any high-level language" which I suppose could mean C++ in theory, but I don't know why you'd want to. (And 330 is Algorithms anyway; programming isn't really the main focus, nor should it be.)
  • 350: Java
That's more or less all the required curriculum classes. The upper-level courses (400+) vary a bit more, especially the 591s as those are project courses.
How easy is it to get recruited or to get an internship?
That's mostly on you and the effort you put into the job hunt. BUCS won't spoonfeed you an internship, but there are ample opportunities to connect with companies through the department (for example, we have our own CS-specific career day), Spark/Hariri Institute, and things like clubs/hackathons. If you take advantage of them, you will find something.
In terms of specific companies? I know a number of people that have gone to the Big Four (Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Amazon); Facebook and Google have showed up to CS Day two years running, though I'd say actually getting an offer at one of these is no guarantee. You definitely need to be a very good student and interview well.
Red Hat has a significant presence on campus (they're collaborating with the Hariri Institute on a number of things, and they have an Engineer in Residence at Spark) and they hire quite a lot of BUCS students.
Yelp and Bloomberg do recruiting events with BUILDS every year, and others will usually do similar things (I think MakeBU does stuff with GitHub and Microsoft too, and I think Women in CS does office tours of some Cambridge tech companies like Google)
Both of BU's major hackathons (BostonHacks and TechTogether) will have a huge amount of engineers from many different companies on-site -- great opportunity to connect, you should go to BostonHacks for sure and TechTogether if you're female/femme non-binary
Otherwise, you'll see a lot of one-offs. LinkedIn, Fidelity, VMware, Wayfair, Twitter, Uber, others I'm forgetting -- people go all over. Some go to startups, some try to start their own startups (sometimes with the help of Spark). It runs the gamut.
Though, like I said, it's all on you and what you put into the job hunt. You won't go anywhere without effort on your part.
What is the general vibe in CS?
I think that depends a lot on which "part" you end up getting involved with. The department is enormous now, with somewhere around 800 undergrads -- which means a lot of diversity in terms of attitude, personality, etc. Some people will just show up to class and live the rest of their life outside the department. Others will end up being super involved with the department and extracurriculars -- attending six different CS-related clubs, going to hackathons, TFing a class, etc. A lot end up somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.
Either approach can probably be fine, though personally (as someone who was much closer to the latter) I think it'd be a tremendous waste to attend BUCS and not get involved with the extracurriculars. They really are fantastic here, and the people you'll meet will shape your experience for the better. They were very personable, eager to help, supportive, and generally great people. I think that sentiment kind of extends to the CS department as a whole -- professors were kind, and genuinely made you feel like they cared about your individual success. (I really enjoyed my time here.)
I've also heard polar opposite experiences from mine -- they hated the professors, didn't like the students, didn't feel their experience was worth it, etc. Somehow, I get the feeling those opinions come from people that just showed up to class and didn't do much else. Most of the people I knew that attended clubs/other things had a great time here.
Regarding the Math/CS joint major: 1. Would it be better to major in just one of these subject areas because a joint major might not go as in depth into either field? 2. Would I be able to get a job in computer science with this degree or would I need an actual degree in CS? 3. How demanding is this program?
For 2 (and sort of 1): you'll absolutely be qualified for a job on CS; perhaps more so than pure CS majors, depending on the subfield (quantitative finance, for example, loves joint majors). Even then, you shouldn't be getting a lesser education than most CS majors; you should still have some free rein to take the electives you want in the CS major. If I recall correctly, most of the difference with the joint major (from the CS side) comes down to the mid-level math/theoretical background. You'll take those classes with the Math department instead of CS; all other CS courses remain unchanged. (If I'm mistaken, someone please correct me).
For 3: can't speak for the rigor of the joint major, but I can say that CS is usually challenging but rewarding. It's certainly no cakewalk, and you'll be busy, but the work tends to be interesting (even fun) and the community/your classmates will make things even better. I would imagine the addition of math would make things a bit more difficult, and I can't say I know the workload of those classes, but if you're up for it, it's certainly a great program.
Random stuff that didn't really fit anywhere else, all CS related
  • Certain CS classes may be taught by different professors between semesters, and usually there is a distinct difference in the quality of the class depending on the professor--you may want to postpone or accelerate your schedule based on that. A good example is CS330: one of the most important classes you're going to take as a CS major (you learn everything companies will ask you in an interview in CS330). If you can, you should take it with Byers; he's by far the best person to learn algorithms from compared to others that teach it. (This isn't to say that others are bad; just that Byers is so much better.)
  • It's not entirely necessary to take all the Group B math courses; IMO, you should do at least 132 and 237. That said, if you know you're interested in doing crypto or security, it may be worthwhile to do 235. Then again, I took both 235 and 538, and I felt like if I had gone into 538 without doing 235 I could have made it work. Depends on what kind of student you are though. I say make your decision based on who teaches 235.
  • I consider 558 a must-take class. Sharon Goldberg is awesome.
  • Try and sign up for the CS591s at some point in your time at BU, and don't be afraid to take them early. They aren't necessarily insanely difficult classes.
And that's all I have. I hope this was helpful to someone!
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On Edges, Feats, Merits, Stunts, and Traits

I'm currently working Feats for my homebrew (well, I'm calling them "Talents," but it's much the same). I'd like to lay out a few thoughts on how similar mechanism work in existing games, and collect any ideas or insights you may have. What do you think? Love 'em, hate 'em, have a pet peeve you'd like to share? Have you seen a game where this is handled very well, or very poorly?


A "Feat" is a feature a player can elect for their character, which is separate from class, race, level, attributes, and skills. They're usually selected from a finite set, though custom Feats may be an option (counter-example: in Fate, "Stunts" are typically player-defined). They're typically binary (you've got it or you don't) but there may be cases where you can have several grades of a Feat. They often have prerequisites, such as specific classes, levels, or preceding Feats.
Feats are positive, but most games with them will also have some kind of "Drawbacks," "Flaws," or "Hindrances." Selecting these generally allows a character to select additional Feats.
By comparison, if everyone has it but some have more than others, it's probably an attribute. If there's a relatively short list, and there are several tiers on which characters are ranked, it's probably a skill.



Feats allow players to differentiate their characters, especially from other characters of the same class or with similar skills. In principal, with a broad selection of Feats no two characters will be alike. E.g., two 1st level fighters in D&D with Strength 15 may both have an Attack Bonus of +2, but if Alice picks "Combat Expertise" while Bob picks "Power Attack," they'll play quite differently.
Some Feats let a player expand the game with more detail in a particular area, such as by adding a combat maneuver (e.g., "Disarm" or "Feint"). Players who don't want more detail in that area can skip those Feats and focus their attention on what matters to them.
For some players, designing maximally efficient character builds using Feats and other tools is a game unto itself, not unlike deck building in Magic: The Gathering and other card games.


Feats can be imbalanced. In D&D, Toughness is sometimes cited as a terrible choice, which may lead inexperienced players to "waste" a Feat and make an uncompetitive character. If poorly balanced, players may feel that some Feats are obligatory (a "Feat tax") and certain archetypes may converge on the same small set of Feats, eliminating the diversity that Feats are supposed to bring.
Worse than weak Feats, two or more Feats may form corner cases which seriously damage game balance. Again, D&D 3rd Edition was famous for builds like Pun-Pun the Kobold), where a few judiciously chosen Feats and class abilities can give a 5th level character godlike power.
By adding choices, Feats make character creation more elaborate and time-consuming. New players in particular may be overwhelmed.
As with skills, if a player selects Feats which end up being irrelevant to the game (e.g., social Feats in a hack-and-slash game or vice-versa), they may feel cheated. As always, this is best addressed with a "session zero" and dialog between players and the GM.
Any time certain activities get codified with a particular in-game mechanism, that tends to exclude it from players who haven't made that selection. E.g., if "Throw Sand" is a Feat, does that mean that only specially-trained characters can ever throw sand in an opponent's eyes? Worse is when this happens retroactively: if a splatbook adds "Air Breathing" as a Feat for merfolk, does that mean that all existing merfolk who were assumed to be able to breath air sudden asphyxiate?
Feats which are extrinsic to a character can be quite volatile. For example, in Vampire: The Requiem a character may have "Haven" or "Contacts" merits. Should you require a player to pay for a new Feat each time they make a friend? Give them a refund if their safe house burns down or their friend stops returning their calls?
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Discussion: Balancing a Melee/Stealth Assassin

Lots of people seem concerned about the role of a melee/stealth character lately, a class archetype that seems probably nigh-inevitable considering the ever-growing roster and hype surrounding Robo-ninja.
Since it is quite likely that some character of this sort will be added in the future, I thought we might as well discuss specific ways that a melee class could be well balanced.
First, allow me to lay out a few things I think are necessary for a melee-based hero:
Defensive Viability
You’re probably thinking “WTF?”, but in all seriousness, I hope they don’t make a squishy melee hero – a gun-less character with glass defenses presents a cop-out reason for developers to tack on bullshit offensive potential. This would make battles involving melee classes too binary – be able to kill him instantly or get killed instantly. A too-easy-to-be-killed, too-easy-to-kill dynamic would make the class neither fun to play as or play against. I think it’s quite necessary for a melee assassin to be well-rounded across the board instead of wildly powerful in one or two categories. If given decent natural bulk or a few defense mechanisms (blocking/deflecting seems like a popular suggestion), his mobility options and offensive power can be toned down a notch to make the character more balanced overall.
Damage Niche
The common argument is that in the absence of ranged damage, melee damage will be made ridiculously strong as compensation – which is a valid concern. Robo-ninja doesn’t have to do the most damage; he just has to be good at dealing a specific type of damage – i.e. make his melee strikes do extra damage against armor so he can take down tanks better, give his melee attacks a chance to proc DoT, etc… He needs to be designed in a way that he doesn’t have to out-damage TraceReapeMcCree to be a viable character, because pigeonholing him into that role will break him balance-wise.
Situational Stealth
Here’s why I think a lot of people don’t like to play against stealth: stealth characters feel absent and detached from the general fight and only pop in to engage when they have the clear advantage. To some extent, this line of thinking could be applied to flankers, but much less so because they are more vulnerable. Robo-ninja needs to be incentivized to spend at least over half of his gameplay unstealthed, and only fall back on stealth as a secondary option. If presented in a more limited capacity, stealth could potentially be incorporated as a smart escape tool that requires quick thinking (I personally like the idea of area-based invisibility); I don’t think people would really mind a stealth ability if it was a more minor supplement to a character's kit.
Unique Mobility
Obviously makes Robo-ninja more fun to play as, but also makes him more fun to play against. Imagine the satisfaction after learning to airshot a lunging Robo-ninja as Pharah, being able to predict his movement patterns through sheer gut. A melee class with its own special (un-cheap) movement dynamics would add depth to the game and, indeed, be enjoyable to play against.
Skill Scaling
A dedicated melee hero needs to be able to consistently deal more damage with skill. Sure, a better player will have better positioning and hence deal more damage, but the combat itself should have an additional layer of depth over “hold down M1” in order to present a rewarding learning curve and better legitimize deaths at the hands of a melee hero.
Here’s a mock ability set I came up with that captures the above points. This is more oriented towards attempting a coherent, balanced skillset than showcasing a bunch of cool-sounding abilities, so bear with me if it’s rough around the edges. (The necessary melee-class attributes I listed above will be noted whenever relevant.)
Robo-ninja (100 armor, 75 health)
Plasma Katana – 60 damage per swing, disrupts enemy’s shield regeneration for 3 seconds on-hit. (Damage Niche)
Passive - Fifth Strike: Every fifth swing of Robo-ninja’s Plasma Katana deals 90 damage up-front and an additional 40 damage over time as a bleed effect. (This allows him to 3-hit-kill 200 health heroes and 4-hit-kill 250 health heroes, but ONLY if he lands a Fifth Strike.) (Skill Scaling)
Defensive Stance: When M2 is pressed, Robo-ninja assumes a defensive stance, slowing his own movement speed but allowing him to parry enemy melee attacks and ‘slice’ incoming enemy projectiles with M1 (i.e. Zenyatta’s orbs, Hanzo’s arrows, Pharah’s rockets) and receive 70% reduced damage. Clarification: M2 by itself would not reduce any damage. You would have to hold M2 and manually M1 incoming projectiles at the right timing in order to take reduced damage. (Defensive Viability)
Ability 1: Velocity (6 sec cooldown)
Enables double jumping and gives a 60% movement speed buff that gradually decays over 3 seconds. While this ability is active, Robo-ninja cannot be targeted by Symmetra’s or Torbjorn’s turrets. Additionally, while airborne, Robo-ninja can M1 to perform a swift downward lunge. If this connects with an enemy, it deals Fifth Strike damage and resets the counter for Fifth Strike. (Unique Mobility)
Ability 2: Vanish (12 sec cooldown)
Tosses a deployable, personal “stealth zone” (size of Winston’s shield) that deploys after a 0.5 second prime and lasts 5 seconds. Robo-ninja can freely enter or exit the stealth zone for invisibility, but while inside, he cannot attack enemies or block projectiles. He can however, swing his sword to store Fifth Strike. The stealth zone can be disactivated at any time to refund cooldown. (Situational Stealth)
Ultimate: Vanquish
After briefly channeling, Robo-ninja performs a large leap. At any point during the leap, M1 to perform a swift sword-dive. Deals 150 damage up-front and 100 bleed damage over 20 seconds. Can multi-hit. (Ok, so this is mostly filler and probably unbalanced, but imagine the hilarity of causing the enemy non-tanks to turn on one other and scramble for a health pack/Support hero.)
Edit: Tweaked skillset
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Q&As from the Devs - Patch 0.61.0.

For those of you unaware or not using Discord, the devs used it today to answer a lot of our questions regarding this patch (and Duelyst in general).
I'll try to get most of these here:
So by resetting your collection you lose spirit gained from gauntlet. If you've decrafted monthlies you get them back right?
What prompted you to change the amount of cards you get per turn 1 instead of it being 2? Also what about changing the opening hand to 5 cards instead of 3?
  • Reducing the draw to 1 per turn accomplishes many big goals, but from a pure gameplay perspective there are two main features: 1) It alleviates pressure to play 2 cards every turn or lose tempo 2) It increases "value" as a strategic element of Duelyst
What prompted this rules change now, this "late" as it were, in beta? What prompted this change only now?
  • This has been in progress for a while, even if you're all only hearing about it now. Ultimately, we decided to make a change now, rather than have it be "too late" after launch.
  • We have been working on this patch quite some time, but these things take a lot of testing.
You adressed the RNG in the patch notes. Yet Reaper of the 9 moons was left untouched and we will see more big minions now. Making 9 moons even better. My question is.. didnt 9 moons deserve one of the many changes?
  • While we agree wild RNG cards aren't really in the style of Duelyst, we feel like when the cards are thematic and interesting, they have a place in the game. Reaper is a fun card loved by a lot of people (Like GrincherZ streaming with it!) and we hope that cards with post choice randomness (such as Reaper of the 9 moons) are enjoyable without being overbearing
could you please elaborate on the Bloodtear Alchemist changes? it's not quite clear, did you just straight up buff it to 1 mana?
  • Bloodtear now pings off general artifacts, and has a global range (hence the 1 mana cost) but only does 1 damage. Maw "bites" minions who are close to him, hence dealing two damage! We wanted to give some texture and diversity to the basic/common value minions, so they serve difference roles
  • I'm going to address a number of questions in a batch. First, talking about "value". Duelyst, as we all know, has a great positioning element (the board) and that in and of itself makes tempo (the number of threats you control and the number of spaces you threaten) into a key tactical resource - Drawing 2 cards a turn puts additional pressure on the tempo side of thing. It's so important to threaten the board that late game play gets squeezed out unless it's utterly ridiculous
I was wondering: why such a dramatic change on Time Maelstrom? I understood when Third Wish was meta-warping, but with the lack of Vetruvian on ladder I was a bit confused.
  • "Take an extra turn" is a pretty powerful effect, and we ultimately decided we weren't comfortable with the kind of impact it was having on the game. Its possible we'll see something like this in the future, but for now, you'll have to just attack twice with Aurora's Tears + Artifacts 😉
so I get the point of drawing only 1 card now, since it puts less pressure on placing multiple small units. but doesn't the increase in beginning hand size kinda counteract that since controlling the board first puts you at a decent advantage? so decks that don't play late game will still flood the board making the opponent's late game deck kinda useless? legit question 'cause i'm no game designer or anywhere near an expert at CCGs and such
  • Controlling the board early means you played more cards than your opponent. In classic control vs. aggro style, if you commit too much to the board early and take control, you open yourself to the risk of getting "outvalued" by an opponent that can turn the tide with fewer cards of higher quality. Traditionally, with 2 cards per turn, it makes it almost impossible to "gas out" by just loading your deck with small cards and ending your curve (effectively) at 4. Now it is not. Late game cards come with much less intrinsic risk attached, and playing an on-curve card turns 5-9 means you don't give up the extra draw as well as tempo. Essentially, you now have to factor in value as a real thing in Duelyst now. It's not the only thing (tempo and board position matter a ton), but now you have another avenue to outplay your opponent. This also has the wonderful side-effect of flattening the power curve a little bit.
Any more upcoming stuff to address eye strain? It's the biggest reason I don't play as much as I'd like to. Font/Coloring kinda screws with me in a bad way if I play too much.
  • We're working on eye strain and other visuals as we speak. You'll notice in the patch notes 61 we're already starting to address that. We will continue to address font/coloring in the upcoming patches.
Are you not concerned that the game might be slowing down too much, now that control decks won't be punished for playing big value creatures, and the two faces of this archetype (Lyonar and Magmar) are untouched for the most part and given effective draws?
  • games don't necessarily slow down as a result of this; since big threats will more often go unanswered, games end sooner as a result. in the case of control mirrors, there is some slowdown, but the 5 card starting hand allows aggressive strategies to punish greedy control .
what happens to the dust you've won in gauntlet? / The dust you get from packs will basically be refunded back into packs though right?
  • dust from gauntlet, if you choose to reset your collection, becomes dust in the wind / no
  • The dust you acquired from disenchanting is lost, but you will open a number of cards as if the orbs were fresh - so in the sense you're implying, you do not lose value.
any reason vind wasn't nerfed instead of some of the less problematic mag cards like harvester and metamorph? same deal with the vanar rush spell
  • Not all changes are strictly balance related, in this case, Vindicator was also looked at but we decided it was the more "exciting" card to play with that made for more dramatic and interesting plays.
Was the world not ready for the Golem meta?
  • don't joke about the golem meta 😉
will there be a preview on how many orbs we would receive if we soft reset?
  • nope. you just have to kinda know
Do you feel like spelljammer and mogwai are too redundant? Repetitive draw mechanics on two different creatures (im not sure if this was asked, but I wasn't around)
  • These cards actually server very different roles now! Spelljammer accelerates the game for both players, whereas Mogwai gives a single card for just you so long as you can keep it alive and keep it moving
but the counterpoint is that in exchange for losing that draw usually, a lot of 6+ cost characters usually have over-curve "finisher" effects as well. Now that the power curve for the lower end of things has been hit by the lack of draw power (and this feeds back into my previous question), doesn't it now by-comparison unbalance the higher end of the spectrum as well? We already had multiple formats where control magmar was dominant, along with some combo songhai, lyonar, vetruvian control and more, and if anything those archetypes got significant buffs not even considering the rule change. How are you going to address that?(edited)
  • The design space for the top end of the mana curve in Duelyst was really small. Cards over cost 5 had to effectively end games right there or not be worth it at all. We believe you'll find this is much less the case now
One of the most unique aspects to Duelyst, aside from the board state, is the fact that two-card-draw and the Replace mechanic existed. This allowed for a sense of card advantage that was quite absent from other games, wherein you could build a lead in the earlygame if you only played 1 costly card per turn. Did you make this change, and overall reduce some of Duelyst's unique-ness, with the hope that you could generate new unique interactions from the extended array of cards now viable, or did you just feel that two-card-draw limited design space too much?
  • Duelyst's number one unique feature is the board. We want to highlight it as much as possible. The two card draw was different from some other card games, but not absolutely integral to highlighting the board. We found that it just put too much pressure on playing cards on the low end of the curve, and restricting the late game cards a lot. We think you'll find that the variance in power level between many cards is lower than before, which means you don't HAVE to end the game with a 5 drop or die. This opens up the card pool in profound ways
can you talk about hand size a little bit? how will the hand size of 6 interact with the goal of making card draw more relevant in the game, and also starting with 5 cards?
  • Giving players a 5 card opening hand means you won't "run out of gas" in the early game. We tested with smaller hand sizes and found that decks without strictly value minions simply could not compete, due to having too few resources (cards) at the start of the game. In terms of having a 6 card hand, we found there wasn't any conflict with having 5 starting cards. Playing cards from your hand tactically is still the right way to play! We also like encouraging players to play out their hands, rather than sitting on them forever
  • In addition, having 5 cards opening allows you to see a bit farther into the future of each individual game, adding a more strategic element
Sorry re-asking cause of time, I currently have 10 unopened orbs, and I am interested in the soft reset, should I open those 10 orbs now, can I leave it there? What should I do to make sure I get the max vaule with the reset?
  • you can open them
  • if you just leave them we don't delete orbs
just to be clear, there will be no dust refunds for changed cards?
  • no dust refunds
we've seen multiple formats not drastically different than the one we used to have where aggro didn't exist as easily because of the power of certain late game control archetypes. It became an arms race between aggro and control, where it was relatively binary in terms of if you hit a certain mana cost, the game was usually decided for one player vs another.
  • control decks will less reliably draw answers as well, it's not that cut and dry as to say they will always survive to that turn
only cards which will be back in our collection will be gauntlet cards and achievement cards (random legendary for certain quests)?
  • any card you earned or got out of spirit orbs comes back. any card you crafted doesn't
not considering some of the draw tools we currently have at the disposal of some of these particular archetypes. Take a look at Lyonar for instance, Aegis Barrier just became a cantrip. Also, some of these decks don't need to dig for once specific high level answer, they can run multiples reliably, also the fact you can open one a lot more reliably in your opening hand allows you to mulligan them away far more easily.
  • those draw tools cost mana and tempo, and are often conditional or have symmetrical effects
why did you guys nerf tracer? how was it a problem
  • We want to encourage players to stand and fight eachother within an effective range for interesting strategical play. We found that without drawing two cards per turn, it was nigh impossible to punish players who simply ran away from engagements, rather than fighting it out. By nerfing tracer, this became a much less powerful strategy.
One of the key aspects to Duelyst that was originally heavily promoted was the fact that games were quick, yet heavily strategic and fun. From your internal testing, have you found that by placing a lesser importance on card draw (leading to an increased value in high cost cards) has made games longer? I can imagine that having five cards in your hand initially makes games more interesting right from the get-go, and feeling like the earlygame is less dominated by your opening RNG certainly seems like a good change, but I'd be curious as to whether the change has extended the average game time, in your estimations.
  • Our internal tests have found game lengths (in terms of pure time) to average around the same as before.
How did you arrive at the new mulligan phase?
  • Lots and lots of testing and math! Seriously though, we wanted to ensure a combination of players 1) having the resources to play a fair game without getting destroyed because they simply didn't draw the right cards. 2) providing lots of variation in the early game from game to game (long gone are the days of turn 2 jaxi every. single. game.) 3) giving players sufficient options in the mulligan phase as to influence the outcome of the game, while still maintaining points 1 and 2
where is the unraked mode? Any prevision when is coming back? thanks!
  • We're not happy with our Unranked Mode in a qualitative sense. We'll have it back up later.
they're not really "theories", they're laws of card games in general, as someone who's played...well...too many to count now honestly. But the idea behind my train of thought is this: Will you be prepared to deal with the fallout of something like that, where the meta game falls apart, not just in the particular scenario I proposed, but in any scenario like that?
  • we're prepared. we've tested this extensively before it went out as well, but we need everyone's help to see if there are more things we didn't catch 😃
Can you give us a little insight into how you imagine the individual factions playing now? It seems like some factions are maintaining their playstyle to a certain extent while others seem to be somewhat losing some of their faction identity, but this is based on a very preliminary view. Or, is this the type of thing you want us to figure out for ourselves?
  • I believe the factions will be even more iconic than before, since we predict a fair number of their formerly unplayed cards find use in the meta 😃 I don't want to go into specific card examples right now, but there are several cards that seemed like they should have been cool that were getting a lot more play in our internal testing environment
Did you playtest Oserix at all in .61? Is he playable with the slower pace?
  • we did play with Oserix, I don't want to tell you how you should play (we'd rather all of you figure it out organically and teach us!) but, I think he's pretty sweet.
What are your thoughts on the role of artifacts in the game? I've noticed cards like Artifact Hunter and Rust Crawler had their stats adjusted, yet no artifact cards were changed. What's the design team's stance on the role of artifacts in the game?
  • Artifacts are powerful value cards, in that they offer up to three "value strikes." Without any tweaking they became better. This is why the adjustments to some of the related cards
In your tests, Hailstone Prison is good as before? Or now is a more situational card? I mean, now is hard to burn a card, right?
  • Try it out for yourself! I think it still found its way into a few of our vanar decks.
  • For questions about "is this card better / worse" -- we've tested it thoroughly, and we want to see what you the community find, and you can teach us which cards are better or worse instead
are you looking to buff some vet cards in the near future? feels kinda underwhelming to be the only faction getting a single change. also how do you like my vetruvian verses?
  • at first glance it seems like vet didn't get any love, but a lot of the core rule changes indirectly affects how each faction plays - you'll find there's a lot more you can do 😃
  • many cards are indirectly buffed simply by the rules change. We think you'll find that especially true with several faction cards
Can we get an ETA on unranked/Sandbox. Really vital for theorycrafting + testing. Please. Someone answer.
  • no ETA
You noted that with more emphasis placed on value and card advantage, artifacts will become more powerful, so what was the reasoning behind giving Rust Crawler vanilla stats? Doesn't this mean there's very little reason not to run it now?
  • You should definitely try out the new Rust Crawler and see how he plays yourself with the changes 😃
Is there a product roadmap for the near future? I know these are huge changes, but what are the next steps? Will you guys take some time to observe the meta and work on UI features or get more into content creation?
  • Everything you described is in the works, pretty much at all times. We're working on every aspect of the game in sync and the moment we have something ready for the community, we'll push it out! We've also posted product roadmap on our previous patch notes with some of the upcoming features and expansions
  • Upcoming card expansion (~60-80 cards), a new play mode (totally unique), more story-related stuff, cutscenes. Plus localization, monthlies, and frequent events with new cards.
If I give Sand Burrower Boundless Courage it will return to my hand? Because I saw there's no more Shield Oracle now, and I believe this interaction is a bit... weird?
  • no, Sand Burrower's effect only triggers when it takes non lethal damage - in the case of 0 damage it just doesn't take any damage and remains on the board
Has anyone addressed the progress on spectator mode (LIVE GAMES) development at all yet? Just wondering..
  • We have a new WATCH feature this patch. As for full spectator mode, that's coming in a bit. Let us know if you like the WATCH feature.
will there be new faction cards or is the expansion mostly battle pets?
  • Upcoming card expansion will definitely have additional faction cards including new spells, artifacts, and faction minions.
are we to expect a Steam release before the upcoming expansion? Wouldn't it feel weird to have an expansion while we're still on beta?
  • Yes, Steam release has been in the works for awhile. You'll see it coming very soon.
What measures has internal testing taken to prevent exclusively aggro or midrange decks from dominating over other deck types (For example... hybrid and control)? Are these changes (card metrics / rules) aimed at creating an environment where more cards are just "solid" and we can play a more diverse range of cards to create win conditions with? I'm curious about changes to Amplification / Phalanxar. Where these metrics changed in regards to edge cases where these cards were more oppressive in those matchups, or were they aimed at a reductionin OTK-specific instances to make games more tempo-oriented, and less anti-fun?
  • our batch of card changes was developed iteratively - in some variations we saw a dominance of one archetype over the other, our final result was what you see in this patch
Can you give us a rough estimate of when Denizens will release? Or is that still a secret?
  • Definitely latter half of THIS year. It's soon.
what do you guys recommend as the criterias for using the soft reset for players that have a decent sized collection (with most meta decks and powerful legendaries, but have spent a good amount of money on the game). Sorry this was asked many times before.
  • If you're unhappy with your collection after the changes, you can soft reset! If you're still happy with your collection, there's no need to. It's ultimately up to you, it's designed for there to be no truly wrong answer.
given that it'll be the latter half of the year are you still planning on two expansions for 2016 or will it be just the one?
  • We want to ensure that's enough spacing between expansions, so if we're a bit late on exp1, then exp2 might be early part of 2017. But we don't want to have them too closely together.
Is there no full refund for the cards that were changed?
  • No individual refund, just the option of a soft collection reset.
How long with the soft reset be available for those who may want to see how the changes are before resetting?
  • You have around 3 weeks (I can verify later). So you have time to weigh whether you wish to do the inventory soft reset. My suggestion is if you're relatively happy with your current collection not to risk rerolling. But it's your call!
  • We don't want anyone to feel like they're "trapped" with their current collection with so many changes. This way, if you're happy with your collection you can keep playing, but if you're unhappy you have an option with all of the changes.
I saw a preview of a cutscene on the facebook page, is that a part of the new end-match screen mentioned in the patch notes?
  • No, these are full cutscenes that are interspersed into our game in key milestone areas. Just like how we're adding story chapter lore, we'll be adding cutscenes as well.
Why wont Grailmaster have Forcefield?
  • Grailmaster's list of keywords is designed around the card, so new keywords aren't necessarily added. Who knows for the future!
Does forcefield reset on the opponents turn? If I attack the sunsteel defender once, will it regain forcefield for celerity on the opponents turn?
  • forcefield will refresh itself at the start of each player's turn - one instance of damage cancels forcefield
Dispel grow on power now, do you think it is healthy stay with dispel the way it works, with so less draw? I mean, now buffing a creature is very dangerous of you losing value (cards). In your tests buff is as powerful as before, or now became very situational?
  • We've tested dispel pretty extensively, and I think you'll find its still perfectly fine to play with. We do encourage you to figure out when/why you'd put dispel effects in your own decks!
Do you think CP will adopt Blizzard's style of development or WotC's. As in planning out sets a couple months in advance or a lot more, respectively
  • The upcoming Denizens of Shim'zar expansion has a lot f very unique and new minion-specific effects. It also takes positioning into greater account. It's taken us a lot more time to build this upcoming expansion because there's nothing really like it (bc we can leverage the board).
  • We plan ahead as far as we can. Once a lot of core features that the community wants is complete, most of our time will be focused on expansions. Effectively speaking, you'll never see a gap in releases (regardless of how far out we plan it).
The expansion is only class cards, or there will be neutral cards as well? I mean, you add so much neutral through the year...
  • Mostly faction-specific cards. But there will definitely be neutrals as well.
So during testing did you guys (the devs) find that 2 drops were much less important with the new mechanics?
  • We found that 2-drops are still important, but not overwhelmingly. You probably can't ignore them completely, but you don't have to build your entire game around them either.
Any word on adding more utility options for the game (such as scaling the battlefield for larger resolutions, suppressing animations/bloom, sticky battelog, default faction emotes, etc?)
  • These are in our backlog, but they take a secondary priority to core features in our roadmap. There's only so much time we have in a week to do everything. But those items are all on the list.
will the sisters be in shimzar or another release?
  • Seven Sisters will be a separate release schedule from Denizens.
What are the thoughts behind divine bond buff?
  • We made sure every faction has powerful tools it can end the game with, and divine bond stood out as a place where we can give Lyonar some aggressive power.
can you guys talk about the new saberspine tiger? It really negates 6-health low attack minions, like obelysk and portal guardian
  • So in general in the old version of Duelyst, tempo was really important. Spending a whole turn to just remove a 3 drop is a lot less powerful now, as you are going to want to develop your board so you can play your more powerful mid to late game cards. 5-7 drops are a lot better now in .61!
how do you guys plan to balance out removal options with strong minions now? I know before with 2 cards per turn drawing answers was more common
  • at first we'll see how the meta shakes out, we did do some testing on this internally and yes there is less of a chance that big threats will be answered. as a result more top-end cards are playable 😃
why doesn't vanar have any full board AOE?
  • From a vision standpoint: Vanar has tempo, stickiness and crazy vespyr synergy. Avalanche as their partial AOE makes them stand out from other factions, and they have to solve AOE problems in a unique way.
How do you all think Vanar will be after the patch?
  • We've worked very hard to ensure every faction has tools to compete at all levels of play. Vanar is no exception to that
Why the idea on no vet changes other than time? and why the change on time trying to push artivet?
  • vet has changed a lot indirectly as a result of the core rule change, you'll find you have a lot more previously unplayable archetypical options in Vet now, and we believe them to be pretty strong
why'd you guys nerf nightsorrow so badly, like I personally felt it was fine, at the very least keep it 3 attack, why nerf it past just the effect?
  • With a little more emphasis on value in Duelyst, Nightsorrow actually caused a lot of problems in testing, warping deck construction around it. We still wanted night sorrow to be a powerful value minion, but we didn't want it to make it so cards like Pandora are unplayable. We decided to change Blood Siren to give Abyssian some more leverage in that regard, such that pairing them together is very strong. (Also zen'rui synergy!)
  • For the sake of mental clarity, we wanted the ability of the card to destroy a minion with power equal or less than it. Makes the card easier to understand for newer players
decreased consistency in the game from the drawing less cards
  • This is a big question, and deserves a big answer. We actually did want to remove a little bit of consistency from Duelyst (only a little bit!). This addresses a major issue we've been having with decks always playing the same way, leading games to feel "samey" (in the words of many from our community. Openings and combos felt a bit too scripted and less exciting. We feel the game is more exciting (and even more tactically rich) when decks are not 100% consistent and require players to adapt from time to time. Don't worry - the game is still much more consistent than others, just not "perfectly so." We believe you'll find it adds a lot to replayability and fun factor in the long run.
I hope this was helpful.
That's all for now, at the time of this thread.
Thank you for doing this Counterplay!
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A bizarre potential use case? Inducement crowdfunding

I want to discuss a potential but unusual use case for Augur. Inducement crowdfunding. Betting against someone doing something to financially encourage them to actually do it by taking up the opposing bet. This would have to be a person or organization with the ability to decide the result of the event and thereby profit off of their own decision.
This would be similar to crowd funding. In a normal crowd funding operation, you would invest a specific amount of money with 2 outcomes: A) You help influence the event to happen, and the desired event happens B) You help influence the event to happen, but it doesn't and Money is returned
However, if that same money were placed in an Augur bet against the event happening, one of 2 things happen. A) You help influence the event to happen, and the desired event happens B) You help influence the event to happen, and not only is your money returned, but returned with profit.
Augur is more profitable. Lets take an example case. The original idea that sparked this post was that Augur might be able to be used to fund minor updates to video games or open source software. So I will use a minor video game update as a case example. Augur has the most advantages over traditional crowd funding when the work done is simple and easy to verify, and when the developer is initially opposed to doing the work. To select an example, I looked at the top suggestions of all time on reddit for a game most of you should be aware of called Minecraft.
"Being able to place gunpowder on the ground, light one end with a flint and steel and the fire will go to the other end, setting the thing at the end ablaze. (self.minecraftsuggestions)"
Here you have one. The developer is opposed to implementing it or taking the time to setup a crowd fund, it is cheap to implement, and easy for judges to verify in a binary fashion. If the software was open source and anyone could step forward and make this update, Augur would be even more advantageous, but I'm going with Minecraft for now. Also lets pretend its 3 years ago and we are trying to influence a single person instead of a company like Microsoft.
There are other examples though such as: "Will X CEO resign" , "Will Reddit rehire Victoria" , "Will stop orders be added to Augur, "Will Serpent be updated to allow floating point variables" , "Will Stephen Hawkings ex-Wife do a Reddit AMA where her comments total over 1000 words?" , "Will X software be ported to Linux?"
Here are the steps for encouraging TNT ropes to be added to Minecraft:
1) Create an Augur market: Will vanilla Minecraft be updated to allow gunpowder to be placed on the ground such that when lit, adjacent gunpowder also becomes lit?
2) Set end date to 2 months from now.
3) People who would like this update to happen could place bets against it happening. Though since bets are approximately appropriately matched by other people to maintain perceived odds, betting on either side of this market is almost as effective. It will also increase the incentive for the individual with the power to control the event to change their behavior.
4) As the total money on the "will not happen" side of the pot grows, and as long as the person with power over the event is aware of the market, the incentive for them to place a large bet in favor of the event happening, then making it happen in order to collect guaranteed winnings grows.
It appears that Augur has the ability to be better than crowd funding in a few ways. 1) The person in control the fund is directed at will be unable to take and abuse the funds because they are required to deliver on the action before getting paid for it. While at the same time they can be sure to be paid for it. 2) Those contributing not only get refunded when the crowd fund fails, but using Augur would also make profit. 3) With traditional crowd funding people uninterested in having that event happen do not participate. With Augur people who would not otherwise participate might do so with the sole interest of making profit. 4) With traditional crowd funding, the targeted person has to agree to make the event happen before the crowd fund can begin. With Augur, anyone can be financially encouraged to do anything, including things they are initially opposed to doing. 5) Augur has the ability to stop unethical bribes unlike decentralized crowd funding though the unethical indeterminate option given to judges.
And downsides: 1) In cases where the targeted person is actually willing to allow a crowd fund, and if they are willing to offer rewards for various contribution levels, they would be unable to have a way of being accountable for these rewards. 2) In order to collect their payout for doing an event the targeted person would either have to have substantial money available to place a bet in favor of the event, or would have to take out an incredibly short high value loan. 3) The Augur UI is not really designed for this, nor facilitating communication between interested parties.
Well this all sounds too good to be true, and I'm thinking perhaps its because I missed something about how people would behave in these markets or some other aspect that can be added to the downsides list. The idea of funding micro updates to software using Augur is something I have been thinking about since I heard about Augur. I was thinking it time to open a discussion on the matter as my own internal thoughts seem to be reaching their limits.
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